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What Is OPENode?

OPENode is open source web application for communities seeking answers for diverse problems in commercial, public or voluntary sectors. Based on flexible communication in nodes it helps to find solutions effectively and build smarter knowledgebase. It enables users to:

  • Ask questions and write answers
  • Discuss specific topics in linear forums
  • Group topics by tags
  • Index and search documents & images using OCR technology
  • Set public or private nodes and user rights.

Under the hood

We took Q&A engine Askbot and boosted it up with electoronic document management system Mayan EDBS enabling users to search documents and even text in pictures. On the top of the cake we added powerful search Elastic search.

OPENode is powered by Django framework and easy to install from Git repo with all benefits with distribution under OSS licence. Try the demo version or clone OPENode from GitHub!

Q&As, forums, documents

The best form present Questions and Answers software wrapped together with robust Document Management System and powerful search. All free and open source.

What Other Say?


OPENode facilitates both our external and internal communication, it helps to collectively find solutions to complex issues and it stores our wisdom in easily accessible knowledge base. OPENode even reduces IT expenses as it´s ultimately free and open-source!

Vít Kettner, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Czech Republic

Integration of Elastic search showed up as great move. Powerful indexation of all web content and all types of documents including pictures is extremely useful.

Ivos Gajdorus, CEO at COEX

Built-in function for OCR save a lot of work and time!

Mgr. Jakub Stogr, General Manager at Navreme Boheme s.r.o


Multilingual application

Multilingual approach

Application architecture supports multilingual environment. You can adapt the user interface to any language including arabian or asian languages.

Watch your Q&A

Watch topics in nodes

Questions, forums and documents are connected in nodes. Users can watch nodes and get information about updates by automatic emails.

Logical Node tree structure

Logical tree structure

Communication topics are organized in logical tree structure. OPENode is designed to let people head clearly towards the problem solution.

Smart search function

Smart search function

Smart search box with autocomplete functions and word declining ability. Searching the entire contents including documents and text in pictures.

Users and rights

Advanced rights management

System manager, node responsible person or regular user definition. System support permissions setup to according to community needs.

Inspired by Stack Exchange

Inspired by Stack Exchange

Questions & Answers inspired by popular Stack Exchange. Without reinventing a wheel development team implemented what works and added key extra functions.

Effective Knowledge Sharing

Connect people and build a smart knowledgebase

Get started with OPENode

Get the communication efficienty to the next level using OPENode!

  • 1 Download the source code to your Debian server.
  • 2 Install and configure with step-by-step documentation.
  • 3 Prepare your own tree-structured Nodes.